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MSP Workshop: Teacher Education for Effective Teaching and Learning - Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2004



The National Academies and the National Science Resources Center are pleased to invite you and your MSP colleagues to participate in an interactive workshop on Teacher Education for Effective Teaching and Learning that will be held October 30 - November 1 in Washington, D.C.. This workshop will focus on the research evidence contained in a variety of reports form the National Research Council and other sources on approaches to teacher education and professional development that promote effective teaching and learning. (This workshop will be repeated sometime in 2005.) It is offered as part of the MSP's Research, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance (RETA) initiative.

Participants will receive a free CD-ROM containing 21 National Research Council education reports that analyze and synthesize recent research about teaching and undergraduate instruction in K-12 and undergraduate settings, mathematics and science education, teacher education and professional development, and human cognition.

Participants at a recent NRC workshop on learning had this to say:

  • "The diversity of the group and the intellectual openness of the forum allowed for an authentic dialogue. Speaking for myself, I greedily absorbed the observations of the classroom teachers -- because I am not in a classroom, and my "intellectualizations" can only take me just so far. I applaud the NRC for planning and executing such a useful workshop." -- MSP Principal Investigator

  • "[I learned that]...people do not let go of their understanding of concepts readily. People bring a lot of preconceived notions to a learning experience and if one is to change those ideas or enrich and build on a foundation, they will need to recognize those understandings and conscientiously address them." -- MSP administrator

  • "I learned how much I need to learn about learning. I had no real understanding of how extensive the research is on this topic. It was an eye-opener for me."-- MSP Co-PI.

There is no workshop registration fee. We will provide dinner on Sunday night and breakfast and lunch on the second and third days of the workshop for all participants. All other expenses incurred (travel, lodging, meals) are the responsibility of each project.

REGISTRATION: Please complete the registration form and fax or e-mail to: 202-334-1453, Attn: Terry Holmer.
Hotel and logistical information will be provided after we receive your registration.